Issac Technologies Pvt. Ltd. adheres to the privacy protocols of internet. We want to make sure that you understand that we treat information provided/received from you with utmost importance and under no circumstances will compromise with it.

You can visit Issac technologies website without divulging who you are or any information pertaining to you. Our server only collects information such as IP address, demographics, OS, browser or domain name from where the visitors are accessed but never the email addresses. This information is collected to serve purpose of calculating total number of visits on the website from different sources, average time spent, number of pages viewed etc. Gathered input is used by the company to improve relevance and experience of users on our website, usability and troubleshooting. By accessing our site you unconditionally accept us to collect these inputs.

Policy Related To Personal Information

However, there may be instances, during registration for services or information, where we may requests visitors for information such as - name, email address, contact number etc. We will try (but by no way obligated) to inform you when and where the information will be used. Usually, information provided by you is used internally by our portal to respond to your inquiry, correspondence, and to process and allow users to access specific site information.

Not Providing Mandatory Personal Information

During registration, the user must provide with mandatory information; failing to which will normally terminate the registration process.

Policy Related to Sharing of Information

Your information is safe with us. Issac Technologies will not share your information without seeking prior permission from you. At times, however, email addresses may be shared with outside reputed sources but on such occasions you would normally be given opportunity to limit such accesses. But in case no restriction is mentioned by the user, we will proceed as usual.

Issac Technologies only shares information with those maintaining high standard of data privacy and security. However, we aren't responsible for the privacy policies employed by third-party sites.

Storing and Using Cookie

We use a technology called cookie to improve user experience of returning users in the future. A cookie is a technology where a small data is sent to user's browser and then gets stored into user's hard drive. It helps us recognize returning users and offer custom information to them. Usually, you would be informed when a cookie is used and registering with the website is normally regarded as your consent to receive cookies.

No Obligation Policy

You recognize that you are under no obligation to provide your personal information but when you do, it is with your full consent, volition and desire. Issac Technologies under no circumstances is obligated to disclose sources from where personal information about you is provided to us. We would consider it to be provided by you unless you successfully prove to us, to our satisfaction, within fifteen days time, that the information was offered without your free consent.

Access, Correction, Objection of Your Personal Information

Within the scopes of local laws you can update, cancel or modify personal data provided to us, including your profile and preferences. It can be done from your account information. In case, you face difficulties in accessing your data, you may contact to us at