WiseBank Enterprise - A holistic, futuristic and scalable CBS solution

WiseBank Enterprise is constantly ranking amongst the top core banking solutions for modern financial institutions who need advanced features to meet the requirements of today's savvy customers. The aim is to provide a simple yet robust, secured platform to manage complex operations and improve overall customer experience.

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Here is what we propose through WiseBank Enterprise

  • Modular in nature, highly parameterized, secured and platform independent
  • Custom designed and plug-in model to meet the business requirements of different banking segments
  • A convergent platform to carry out different banking operations
  • Build on industry best practices and accounting standards
  • Provides reusable, building blocks for bank business. The user can decide which component are to use and then reuse it across different functions
  • Performs as data repository to offer 360 degree view on customer. The information is accessible on any device say - laptop, desktop and tablets
  • Multi-channel integration
  • Inbuilt BI to offer insight to your business position
  • Generates specific and customized reports with insight on your current situation and performance
  • Straight through processing. It speeds up the entire banking process by eliminating redundancy and making the process simple
  • Fuss-free deployment to centralized, decentralized or combination environment and is fit-to-use on existing IT ecosystem
  • Scalability and adaptability to market changes
  • Regulation complaint